7 SEO Basics for Your WordPress Website


If you plan on launching a successful WordPress website that garners traffic from all over the internet, then you need SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to all the activities that bring your website to the top of search engine pages. In other words, it increases visibility of your website on search engines, therefore allowing more people to find and visit your site.

WordPress is known for being the best site builder for Search engine optimization. Its built-in functionalities make it a favorite among search engines and is the reason why so many people choose WordPress website development in Dubai for their businesess.

WordPress and search engine optimization go hand in hand.

Here are 7 basic SEO tips to improve your WordPress website!


1.    Monitor Your Website Health

Monitoring the overall health of your site is a great way to keep it optimized for search engines. This includes monitoring site speed and keeping on top of software and plugin updates.

Visit the Site Health section in WordPress. Also, you could choose to install the Health Check plugin. Using this plugin will give you plenty of insights into the technical health of your site and can help you to create a more smooth and SEO friendly experience for your website visitors.


2.    Make Sure to Get HTTPS and SSL

Becoming SSL certified involves getting an HTTPS URL, and a green padlock icon in the browser URL bar.

SSL Certification ensures security for your website. In fact, it is so important that Google and other search engines actually penalize sites for not having it. Moreover, most modern site speed and performance techniques require a valid SSL/HTTPS setup.  Therefore, ensuring that your website uses HTTPS and SSL is essential for SEO.


3.    Improve Permalink Structure

Permalink structure refers to the structure of your website URLs. For SEO purposes, use permalink structures that are easy to understand, make navigation easier for visitors, and which are keyword enriched.

You can change the permalink structure on WordPress by going to settings and selecting “permalink”. A good structure is one which clearly explains the category and page, along with the relevant keyword.


4.    Relevant Focus Keywords

Keywords are an extremely important aspect of SEO. This involves using a variety of tools and techniques to determine the best keywords to target with your website. The keywords should be relevant to your brand, popular enough to generate search traffic, without being too competitive to rank for.

Include the keywords within your URL structures, landing pages, and website content. However, be careful of “stuffing” keywords as this can lead to penalization by Google.


5.    Clean Site Architecture

SEO web development involves creating a clear, easy to navigate website structure. It should be easy for site visitors to quickly find the page that they are looking for. It also means having clean landing pages, and no broken pages.

Having a neat site architecture also makes it easier for crawlers to search your website, thereby improving search engine rankings. Hence, this aspect of SEO must be considered during the website development stage of your site.


6.    Create Valuable Content

The content that you provide on your website must be useful and valuable. Simply put:

  • Related to your brand and product offering
  • Creates value for readers and reduces bounce rate
  • Optimized with relevant focus keywords

Therefore, put an effort into the content that you create for your website. Not only does Google appreciate high-quality content, but so do potential customers. Doing so will increase your search rankings, generate organic traffic, and facilitate long-term visitors.


7.    Structure Your Web Pages

Google and other search engines appreciate sites with a good content structure. This involves making use of page titles, headings, subheadings, easy to read paragraphs, and meta descriptions.

Including focus keywords within your page headings, subheadings, and meta description will also help you rank better in search engines. This is because crawlers will be able to identify that the keywords are a relevant part of your content. Once again, avoid stuffing as crawlers will be able to identify it.


These basic SEO tips will do wonders in improving the search engine rankings of your WordPress website. Recruiting a specialist SEO agency in Dubai can further enhance these efforts to truly increase rankings of your WordPress website. Improve your website search visibility on Google and Bing through our proven Search Engine Optimization methods and strategies.

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