Instagram is a social media platform that is one of the largest socially connecting platforms in the world. Instagram has become a social media platform and evolved into a vast marketplace and information centers.

Many websites brands, products, and different information sectors have opted for Instagram to fulfill their needs in the sector of information advertisement. So, Instagram has launched a type of tool that allows the user to add some part of the information in the Instagram story. For further details of the story, the user is redirected to another page or some website with all the necessary information that the reader wants.

The swipe-up option is not accessible to all Instagram users. It is somewhat restricted to accounts of brands, products, and people with large numbers of followers. Having these qualities in an account, it is automatically assigned the tool of swipe up. The swipe-up option allows the user to engage followers, and it is very effective.

Essentials to be eligible for the swipe up option in Instagram are that you have set up your account like a business account and have 10,000 followers. The second option is that you have a verified account by Instagram. A verified account is that in which a blue tick/check is appearing beside the account name that authenticates that this account belongs to some celebrity, public figure, or a brand that has a global reach.

Swipe up allows you to be more tactical towards the reach of your followers and get more no clicks through these stories and get more no of followers and giving a solid base for your brand.


How to Add the Swipe up option in Instagram Stories

Suppose you have the criteria of Instagram fulfilled. In that case, you can get on the second step of adding ion the swipe up option in the Instagram story.

After the Fulfillment of the criteria, the swipe up option will automatically appear in the options of uploading area.

  • To add the link, first, you have to add a story in the form of a picture.
  • After you load the picture, it will show an option of a web link.
  • Click on the web link, and now you can add your desired URLs into that space.
  • In the last step, we will finalize the post and upload it. The story will appear with a swipe-up option, and if you click it, it will take the customer or follower to the added website.  

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