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10 Latest UI/UX Trends that Will Reign in 2021

Like all other technologies, UI/UX design is constantly changing. Every year, web developers and UI/UX designers in Dubai are introduced to new trends that become popular amongst websites.

With so many websites flooding the digital stratosphere, it is important to stand out. The best way to do that is by providing your site visitors with a totally unique, seamless, and one of a kind user experience.

This is where UI/UX comes into the spotlight. Known as user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) respectively, UI and UX are interrelated and usually used together. This is because web developers use interface, or UI, to create a great user experience (UX).

Like all other technologies, UI/UX design is constantly changing. Every year, web developers and UI/UX designers in Dubai are introduced to new trends that become popular amongst websites.

Here are the 10 latest UI/UX trends that are expected to reign in 2021.

1.    Voice Search

Web users are quickly adapting to voice search technologies, especially from big companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple. And so many people are benefitting from voice assistants and smart home devices. In 2021, we can expect many more web designers including voice user interface integrations in their websites. This is because it provides a ton of convenience that users desire.


2.    Immersive Display

Immersive display has become a popular trend among web developers. This is because it helps keep users fixated and focused on their websites, without providing distractions in the form of menus, notification buttons, and ads. With immersive full screen performance, developers are able to take full advantage of the entirety of the screen, thereby providing a captivating and attractive user experience.


3.    Smooth Gradients

In terms of design, gradients are making a huge comeback from the mid-90s. Websites, logos, and visuals designed using gradient, or color blending techniques, create more depth and liveliness. In order to make use of this trend effectively in 2021, make sure you pay attention to color theory when choosing your gradients, to make sure that the colors are complimentary, and the blending is smooth.


4.    Motion Graphics

Users prefer visuals over text in general. And with social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, they have become used to consuming high-quality visuals. Therefore, it is extremely important for websites to provide the same level of visuals. Visual elements of web design have been popular for a long time now, but in 2021, web designers will place larger emphases on dynamic visuals and motion graphics for an even more captivating user experience.


5.    Dark Mode

Dark mode has already becoming mainstream among major websites and social media platforms. It offers a ton of benefits, such as:

  • Easy to view even in dark environments.
  • You can make certain elements pop.
  • Reduces screen fatigue.
  • Battery saving for users.
  • Defective pixels can be hidden easily.

Web designers are expected to make even greater use of dark mode on their websites. Not only is it battery-saving for users, thereby increasing user experience, but it also looks sleek and sophisticated.


6.    Design for Speed

Images, motion graphics, and visuals are big trends for 2021. But at the same time, there is a huge need to optimize design for speed. In this day and age, consumers expect a fast-loading site, and bounce off of sites that do not provide this. Therefore, the goal this year is to provide an attractive user interface without bulking down the website.


7.    Floating Elements

This is another big UI/UX trend in 2021. Floating elements create a dynamic website and creates delight among site users. There are many ways to use floating elements, even a CTA button that bounces on screen, to attract attention and invoke positive emotions in users.


8.    Advanced Personalization

Advanced personalization is already being used among major companies. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), websites such as Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube are able to push personalized content and products to users. Simply put, they use the consumers data to find content/products to recommend that they know the user will like. Many websites are expected to hop on this trend in the coming year, to provide their users with a totally personalized experience.


9.    3D Design

Two dimensional designs have been around for ages.  But in modern times, web designers in Dubai are starting to head toward more realistic looking, three dimensional design. 3D effects and displace avatars have created a user experience that is more engaging and informative. For example, 3D animated avatars that can be designed to look exactly like the user, or 360 degree views for more in-depth product viewing.


10.  Seamless Synchronization

Nowadays, consumers have multiple devices that they browse on. From their desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, and even smart watches. Hence, there is a great need to provide websites and applications that are compatible and easily synchronized across all types of devices. This is something that developers in Dubai should focus on in 2021.


These are just 10 of the major UI/UX trends in 2021. Since user preferences and technology are constantly changing, so are user interface and user experience trends. So, be sure to try out these trends for your website or application in 2021, and keep a look out for new, innovative ways to provide the best user experience!


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