Voice Search Trend Breaking into Search Engines Everywhere

How frequently have you opened your mobile phone and asked a question using voice search on Google?

The answer is likely to be quite frequently.

In fact, according to the latest statistics, 41% of adults and 55% of teenagers primarily rely on voice search for their queries on search engines. Nowadays, voice search is estimated to be 50% of all searches.

This tells us the importance of voice search in customer trends. Namely, that many potential customers are searching for products and or services using voice search, and if your website is not optimized for voice search engines, you are missing out.

Why Voice Search Trend is Breaking into Search Engines?

The amount of search engine users preferring voice search has increased significantly in recent years. The reason for this is simple.

It is easy, convenient, and faster than typing. 

The surprising fact is that not only is voice search popular among mobile users, but desktop users also are preferring voice search for quick and instantaneous responses to search queries.

Users always seek out convenience and ease of use. This is why voice search is not simply a fad, but rather a trend that is here to stay. Hence, it has already begun to search the scope of search engine optimization (SEO) as we know it.

How Voice Search Affects Search Engine Optimization?

The way that people use voice search differs from their usual pattern of typing into search engines. The most common differences are the following:

  1. Voice search keywords tend to be longer
  2. Voice search queries are more conversational
  3. Voice search often involves questions rather than short keywords

Thus, Google and other search engines are also adapting to these changing behaviors. For example, Google introducing featured snippets and similar question boxes makes it easier for user to find answers to their voice search questions.

Websites must also therefore re-align their SEO and content strategy according to these new behaviors and search engine changes.

For SEO and content creators, this means more time optimizing content that answers direct questions commonly asked by voice search and undertaking keyword research accordingly.

SEO Techniques for Voice Search Trend?

By now it is clear that the way users operate voice search is different from the traditional way of using search engines. Hence, our search engine optimization (SEO) techniques must adapt to these differences. 

The most prominent SEO techniques for adapting to the voice search trend are:

  • Create content that directly answers commonly asked questions on voice search
  • Target long-tail, “natural language” keywords 
  • Sprinkle conversational keywords in content
  • Consider using question keywords

For example, in the past SEO specialists would target short-tail, almost robotic sounding keywords such as “vegan diet athletes”. However, when considering voice search, using a long-tail natural keyword such as “best vegan diet foods for athletes” can lead to greater traffic.

Moreover, SEO experts may even use a target keyword that is essentially a question. For example, “is vegan diet good for athletes?”. Such keywords naturally included as the title of content, or within the text, can also give a great boost in search engine traffic.

Voice search trend is certainly changing our search engine optimization activities. However, by understanding user behavior when it comes to voice search. SEO specialists in dubai can adopt search engine optimization techniques that will capture maximum traffic in the years to come, as voice search inevitably continues to grow in importance.

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